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The milk in my breast seemed to be less

In order to avoid this problem, we can follow some instructions:1 - Breastfeeding the child before going to work and when returning.2. Continue to breastfeed the child at home, especially during the night.3 - Make sure to use the appropriate suction cap suitable for the size of the nipple.4 - eating or drinking milk concentrates during the period of work.5 - Add suction sessions as much as possible on holidays.6 - work massage and warm compresses before suction.7 - Stay away from stress in the working environment and relax as much as possible during suction.8- Add the power pumping from time to time in suction operations.9. When the flow of milk from the breast stops during suction, the suction can be left for an additional 5 minutes.10. Take as much as possible to commit the suction every two or three hours of the breasts each time.11. After suction using the suction apparatus, the breast can be emptied by hand as the suction can not completely empty the breast from the milk.12 - prefer to resort to a quiet place and the operation of some music or video or pictures of the child during suction.


إذا أعجبك محتوى مدونتنا نتمنى البقاء على تواصل دائم ، فقط قم بإدخال بريدك الإلكتروني للإشتراك في بريد المدونة السريع ليصلك جديد المدونة أولاً بأول ، كما يمكنك إرسال رساله بالضغط على الزر المجاور ...

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