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Snoring during pregnancy: the opinion of the somnologist

stuffy nose and snoring. Dr. Yves-Victor Kamami, a sleep specialist and author of 'Sleep Better with the Zen Method and Other Methods' explains what these snoring problems during pregnancy are and how to treat them.Why do pregnant women tend to breathe poorly and snore during pregnancy?
Those responsible for the sensations of the gene of respiration are estrogens. Very important during pregnancy, they cause the swelling of tissues including nasal mucous membranes and the palate. Consequences: it blocks the passage of air and the nose gets clogged. Depending on the size of the stuffy nose, it also causes snoring.At what period of pregnancy do pregnant women encounter this discomfort?
Often it starts in the third month and continues until the end of pregnancy. This is of course not systematic but it remains a very common problem.What are the consequences of the stuffy nose and snoring on the pregnant woman?
These problems are already very disabling and in addition, they are the main responsible for insomnia of the future mother. Then there may also be risks of sleep apnea, especially if the pregnant woman is overweight. It is very important that he always has a good oxygenation of the future mother and her fetus. It is by noting these risks that the gynecologist generally directs future mothers to the ENT.Snoring during pregnancy: How to alleviate the stuffy nose and snoring?

We are looking for solutions to relieve the future mother at best: seawater sprays, a semi-sitting position with the head elevated, a sufficiently humid room ... If this is not enough, the ENT may possibly prescribe a slight treatment. Then, if problems persist after pregnancy, the ENT may decide to perform a small laser operation, with local anesthesia to remove a small portion of the mucosa; it's painless, it's benign and that's enough to solve the problem.


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