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Measurement of uterine height

Lors de vos visites prénatales, le même geste se répète : la sage-femme ou le gynécologue sort son mètre-ruban et, comme une couturière, mesure la hauteur de votre ventre rebondi. Une façon de « mesurer » le bon déroulement de votre grossesse


The uterine height "measures" the good growth of your baby
    The uterine height is the distance between the pubic symphysis (one of the pelvic joints that you feel when you touch pubic hair) and the uterine fundus (the uppermost part of the uterus), both evaluated by palpation.
    "The month of pregnancy is four times the average uterine height. For example, at seven months of pregnancy, it is 7 times 4, that is 28 centimeters. It is then compared to what is actually measured, "says Myriam Carette, midwife.
    It is important that it is always the same person who makes this measurement since this gesture depends strongly on the taking of the marks.
    But beware, the height of your belly sometimes depends on the position of your future baby! A baby in a transverse position can decrease uterine height, as can a baby who tends to be low in the uterine cavity. When in doubt about the correct growth of your child, your belly will be closely monitored.

What happens if the uterine measurement is too weak?

    If the practitioner suspects intra-uterine growth retardation, he may decide to have a complete or day hospitalization. He will also prescribe exams, including an ultrasound, to be reassured about the well-being of your future baby.
    Low uterine height sometimes reveals a small amount of amniotic fluid or oligo-amnion (4% of cases). "For the baby, this lack characterizes intrauterine growth retardation. It is also likely to have consequences on its lung development, "says Professor Dominique Cabrol, a gynecologist-obstetrician.


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