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Maternity registration: steps to be taken

 Your pregnancy has just been confirmed? So, it is better to quickly look for the maternity of your dreams to reserve a place! How to do it ? What are the steps to take? All useful information in this article.

Is registration at the maternity hospital an obligation?

Absolutely not. First, you can choose to give birth at home for example. Secondly, even if you are not registered, no maternity has the right to refuse you the day of your delivery: from a legal point of view, this would be considered as non-assistance to a person in danger.

But if you want to give birth in maternity, it is very strongly recommended to register: knowing you expected, you will be much less stressed on the day J. In addition, you can get to know in advance with the team and eventually set up a precise birth plan with her: for example, in many establishments, you can choose your delivery position, whether or not dad will be present with you in the birth room, what kind of music you want to listen to during the work etc.

Book your place quickly!

Between the rise in the birth rate and the closing of many small maternity hospitals, the institutions of certain regions are overwhelmed! This is particularly true in the Paris region and in many large cities in France ... The maternity hospitals with the best reputation and the level 3 maternity hospitals (the most likely to manage at-risk pregnancies) are the first affected by this phenomenon: To be sure of having a place, the best solution is to register as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Can I freely choose my establishment?

Good news: the maternity hospitals are not sectorized. You do not have to choose the establishment closest to you. To help you stop your choice, do not hesitate to rely on word of mouth. Many maternity clinics also offer free visits to their premises: a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the site, to ask questions to the team and to evaluate their technical platform (eg: presence of a cesarean section or even a neonatology service for premature babies).

What are the first steps to take?

The first thing to do is to contact the maternity ward of your choice to know exactly the documents to bring as well as the opening hours of the maternity ward: it is with him that you must register in most case. Normally, you will need your Social Security certificate proving that your rights are open, your Health Card, your mutual insurance card and all the results of examinations already carried out during your pregnancy (eg: ultrasound ). During registration, the maternity secretary will probably also suggest you choose between a single room or a double room. Other options may also be available for your comfort, especially in private establishments (eg: television in room, meals for your accompanying person): check if your mutual supports them, because these supplements are not reimbursed by social Security .

Good to know: to facilitate your efforts, more and more maternity hospitals also offer to fill out a pre-registration form directly online, on the site of their establishment.

Documents to slide in your maternity bag

On D-Day, you will also need to bring several documents to finalize your registration. To avoid forgetting them in the "fire of action", the ideal is to put them all together and put them well in a pocket: put it in your maternity bag (which also contains the clothes and other items needed for your stay and baby) several days before the expected date of your delivery! Normally you will need:

    a piece of identification,

    your vital card or certificate (with 100% maternity) or, depending on your case, your CMU (Universal Health Cover) certificate or your AME certificate (State Medical Aid),

    of your mutual insurance card and certificate of mutual insurance or of assumption of responsibility,

    of your blood group card,

    of your family booklet (if you already have one of course),

    of all your exam results: ultrasound, blood test, etc.

Warning: these are only the most commonly requested documents! Ask your maternity hospital for the exact list of documents to provide you the day of your arrival. You may also need to give a deposit check if you have chosen a single room.


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