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Maternity insurance

With the assumption of social security, you are reimbursed 100% of your pregnancy and maternity expenses. Except in some cases.

Do not forget to declare your pregnancy to your health insurance fund before the end of the third month

With the assumption of social security, you are reimbursed 100% of your pregnancy and maternity expenses. Unless you give birth in an unconventional clinic and / or be followed by a doctor who has exceeded the fees. Everything depends on your mutual, if you have one. Explanations.
What is health insurance?
• Social security reimburses you for all the expenses incurred by pregnancy, childbirth and its consequences. If you are an employee, the social security pays you daily allowances during maternity leave pre and post natal if you are registered for 10 months, at least.You benefit from it:• If you are social insured• If you are a legal spouse, official concubine, pacsée or dependent daughter of a social insured person. If you have been widowed or divorced for less than one year from a social insured• If your spouse is not registered for Social Security but is looking for his first job (registered with the ANPE) or is doing his military service.• If you or your spouse has completed your education for less than one year.
What are the reimbursed medical expenses?

• Mandatory pre and post natal examinations of the mother (at the official social security rate)• Mandatory infant exams (at the official social security rate)• The optional examination of the father• Hospitalization with delivery costs at 100% (up to the 12th day of hospitalization or more on medical justification), in the hospital or in an approved clinic.In an approved clinic, only a package is reimbursed: the difference between the reimbursement of social security and actual living expenses are your responsibility (inquire with your mutual as some bear these expenses not reimbursed). Caesareans are reimbursed 100% by Social Security.• The hospitalization of the newborn is reimbursed at 100% during the first month.• The 8 pre-delivery sessions are 100% reimbursed if done by a doctor or midwife.• The 10 re-education sessions of the perineum after delivery are reimbursed at 100% if they are made by a physiotherapist, subject to the prior agreement of the Social Security.
Each mutual negotiates its contracts on a case-by-case basis with each company, or with you if you are self-employed and you purchase personal insurance. Peel your contract or make a phone call to your mutual to know the exact nature of the reimbursed care.


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