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Belly pain during pregnancy

Acidity, burning or heartburn, gastric reflux ... Whatever their name, stomach pain is common during pregnancy. Benign in themselves, they can be really handicapping in everyday life and spoil your pregnancy.Belly pain during pregnancy: what is it?
You have stomach cramps, the feeling of having the esophagus burning and the throat "on fire", especially after meals but also during changes of position (when you get up, when the we lean forward). Meals then become a real source of apprehension, and nights sometimes spoiled by these acid lifts. These stomach upsets are common in late pregnancy, but can appear in the first trimester, and worsen until the end.Another type of pain can also arise during pregnancy: aerophagia. You feel bloated and are prone to unpleasant "referrals".Causes of stomach pain during pregnancy
During pregnancy, several phenomena put a strain on your digestion in general, and your stomach in particular. Hormones, again and again they: the secretion of progesterone makes lazy intestinal transit, promoting the stagnation of gastric juices (which are acidic). The hormones also cause distension of the walls of the digestive tract, including the cardia, the small muscle that closes the stomach in its upper part. Result: some of the contents of your stomach can come up and come to burn your esophagus. In addition, as the baby grows, the uterus compresses the stomach, aggravating the phenomenon of gastric lift.Belly pain during pregnancy: what to do

First, start by applying some dietary and lifestyle rules, namely:
- split your meals (eat more often but smaller quantities)- prefer "anti-acid" foods: milk, eggs, mashed potatoes, almonds, whole grains- avoid combining slow sugars / fast sugars, slow or fast sugars / proteins, fats and sugars- Zap acidic foods, as well as those that increase digestion or ferment: tea, coffee, citrus fruits, spicy dishes, greasy dishes, fried foods, soft drinks, cauliflower, cabbage ...- avoid going to bed after the meal- to get pregnant well, keep your back elevated with one or two cushions- avoid tight clothesIf the pain persists and annoy you, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor, who may prescribe gastric bandages, antireflux and / or antacid.


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